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The cost of a hand built website can be prohibitive for a small business.

We recommend using the WordPress content management / blogging / website builder software. It's free, robust and extremely customisable. There are thousands of additional styling themes and plugins, most of them are free.

We have created beautiful websites using premium themes for many clients. We have also used premium plugins to add additional premium and flexible features to any theme where a free plugin does not do what's needed. There are costs associated with premium themes and plugins, but this cost is often offset by the reduction in time spent implementing them.

We have installed WordPress for all of the clients listed below, and in almost all cases, we have performed professional theme customisation to the chosen theme, to suit their businesses needs. Professional WordPress theme customisation means that we add content sensitively, creating graphics and logos correctly sized and formatted for the best display across all devices.

Some clients have done everything themselves, others let us set up the basics so that editing becomes more straight forward, most clients let us build the whole site professionally to completion, then once handed over and made live, they are able to edit and update the site.

  1. Accentor Real Estate - Coming Soon
  2. Alison J Gilbert - Arts & Crafts
  3. Andrew Roberts - London based estate agent
  4. Anxietees - Depression and Anxiety Tee Shirts
  5. Concise Cleaning Company - Loughton based cleaning company
  6. Charlotte Hilton - Cosmetics company
  7. Evivva Brands
  8. Equally Valid - Complete oddness
  9. Glbert & Crick - Arts & Crafts
  10. IPP Loft Conversions
  11. James Howard Electrical - Coming Soon
  12. Kim Watson - Photographer
  13. Lewis Clinic - Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic
  14. Lumleys - Buckhurst Hill carpet specialist
  15. Monty Verdi - London based advertising site
  16. New Careers Revolution - Theme adaptation
  17. ND Air Conditioning - Theme adaptation
  18. Odditees - Odd tee shirts
  19. Propest Bird Control - Pigeon Spikes and Netting, London
  20. Phat Dad's Club - Epping, Essex
  21. Phil Pics - Loughton based photography site
  22. Profanitees - Safe Swearing Tee Shirts
  23. Quotees - Quotation tee shirts
  24. Rapid Plant Repairs - Forklift Truck Hire and Sales, Romford
  25. Sam Perry Costume Designer
  26. Steve Harland - Counsellor based in Bristol
  27. Tax Exact - London based tax advisor
  28. Twin Birth - antenatal courses for multiple birth parents
  29. Yoga Leggs
  30. Wasp Destroyer
  31. W.S.Decorators - Theme adaptation

Just Blogs...
  1. Alexandra Mann Blog - Coming Soon
  2. Chrysalis Nursery News - Coming Soon
  3. flymedia Blog - Coming Soon
  4. Gaming Debts Blog - Coming Soon
  5. Hairy Bar Snacks - Pork Scratching News
  6. Hudsons Property Blog - London based estate agent
  7. Inserco Industrial News - Coming Soon
  8. Luxe Residential blog - Coming Soon
  9. Makes People Happy blog - Coming Soon
  10. Mark Cummings - East London gardening blog

and, Sites Coming Soon...
  1. Being Together - Coming Soon
  2. CJC Electrics - Coming Soon
  3. Democrated - Coming Soon
  4. Discreet Seeds - Coming Soon
  5. Eventful Flowers - Coming Soon
  6. Hacienda Property Maintenance - Coming Soon
  7. Happy Returns - Coming Soon
  8. Hawk Productions - Coming Soon
  9. House of Trebus - Coming Soon
  10. Kundra Group - Coming Soon
  11. Lush Tiger - Coming Soon
  12. Neal and Palmer - Coming Soon
  13. Penny Lancaster - Coming Soon
  14. Shopping with Helena - Coming Soon
  15. Street Boutique - Coming Soon
  16. The Garden Room Hair Salon - Coming Soon
  17. The Penge Observer - Coming Soon
  18. Thompson Borrell - Coming Soon
  19. Wiki Easier - Coming Soon